Is the Mega FiberHead-160™ For You?

Wondering if the Mega FiberHead™ is for you? Have questions about what it’s like to play with one? Read on to find out!
Bright led whips surround three people standing in a cool group pose, wearing reflective glasses. They look like they are in a photoshoot at a rave.

✨ Here's why we love the new 160-strand FiberHead 

😱   Unlock cool new flow styles with a different head (and yes, the fibers still swivel smoothly in their precision radial bearing!)

💥   Dance with a brighter split whip - we’ve seen artists with whips split into 4 bright tails. 

A fiber whip dancer taking a dramatic lunge pose with a split whip, forming glowing pink trails of light behind her.

🌈   Share dazzling visuals: picks up more colors and light from the flashlight, so you get a new light trail experience!

😍   Get a fuller whip head for thicker and cleaner lines

Rock it out with awesome off-body whip moves with more fibers. 🙌

Alien Jon, a master poi spinner, shows off creative moves with two bright pixelwhips


Don’t just take our word for it, though - hear what others have to say below!


I am absolutely LOVING this new Mega FiberHead from @buyfiberflies !😍
I don’t think I’ll ever go back to having a normal FiberHead! I love the way it wraps around me everywhere and I feel like I can do larger movements!🥰
~ Lexi

Takes some getting used to cause it is a little heavier but overall very easy to flow with and didn’t take much adjustment time! Wonderful quality too!
~ Bryn


I absolutely love it. The weight is perfect. I find it gets tangled less and stays twisted like I like to flow.
~ Stacia


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Still have questions? See our Mega FiberHead™-160 FAQ!

Jon is holding a vibrant, bright pixelwhip with a beautiful blue glow. It's the whip with the most fibers of them all!
🌈🌈🌈What do you think? Why are you excited about the New Mega FiberHead™? Let us know - we'd love to hear from you! 🥰