Quasar Festival (Part III)

Part III: The Landing 

(Missed part 2? See it here).


Damaged tire on our roadtrip after the festival

Not all journeys go smoothly...!

Rolling out of town was hard just because there were so many friends we were leaving. Dana had also lost one of her favorite FiberFlies whips at the festival at some point, and we hadn’t managed to find it anywhere. We finally headed out after a long goodbye chat with Aileen, who happens to be a world-class contact staff spinner as well as FiberFlies’ customer service rep. However, we almost didn't make it out since a tire on our rental car blew out completely! Luckily, whip artists are a talented lot, and we managed to lower the spare from the middle of the van, jack the car up, and transfer our stuff into a new van. 

Post-festival excitement during our road trip: Sam and Dana attach a spare tire while Jon supervises

After solving the flat tire puzzle, we even had time to squeeze in a visit at FiberFlies’ Texas Fulfillment Center along the way. We had a mini-tour of the center and retrieved a whip to replace the one Dana had lost. On the plane ride home, I took a few moments to look over the footage from that night (see it all here!) and reflect on how much fun the festival was.

Fiberflies fulfillment center - repacing Dana's pixelwhip in person instead of ordering an led whip online

Quasar was a vibrant event full of rockstar artists and learning. From the fractal art to the cross-prop collaborations, inspiration was everywhere. Being around so much talent was more motivating than intimidating for sure. It was so heart-warming to feel how welcoming the light whip community is! That energy within the whip community is what inspires us to be the best version of ourselves.

At the end, I realized, it's not the stress of pre-festival decisions like "what's the best led whip to buy," or "but will all my outfits even fit in my luggage??" that matters. It's when you get to share your love of art with others, when you see Angel making magic with your custom whip setup, when you make meaningful connections through the language of flow arts and music... that's where the spark of expression starts and continues to grow*, long after the event itself is over.


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