PixelWhip 4 User Guide


The PixelWhip 4 has 40 color patterns, organized into 4 different styles of 10 patterns each. Its intuitive design makes it easy to use.
This user guide will show you everything you need to know to use your PixelWhip!

Battery Power

When you first receive your new PixelWhip, the battery will only be partially charged (due to battery shipping regulations).

When the battery runs out, PixelWhip will blink red 3 times to indicate low power, then power off. 

Removing the battery

Step 1. Unscrew handle from LED housing.

Step 2. Remove battery from handle.



Charging the battery

To charge the battery, plug the USB charger into a power source and insert the  battery into the charger. USB charger light will glow green once fully charged. To reach max capacity, battery may need to charge for 8hrs or more. Battery can continue to trickle charge even after green light.

Step 1. Insert the USB cord, connecting the battery charger to a power source. Charger light will turn on.

Step 2. Insert the battery into the charger by pushing the negative terminal against the spring first. 


Step 3. Charger will show red/orange to indicate it is charging. Charger will show green after battery is fully charged. Note: Disregard the green LED that shows up on the charger when it is NOT plugged into the wall.

Red/orange light: battery charging

Green light: battery fully charged

Inserting the battery

Step 1. Insert battery with negative [-] end towards the handle's endcap.

Step 2. Line up spring in LED housing with nub on battery. Press LED housing into handle. If spring is not lined up with center of battery, it may bend sideways and result in poor connection with battery.

Step 3. Screw LED housing onto handle.

Battery information

PixelWhip uses a single 18650 protected circuit Li-ion battery for power (2600MaH battery & USB charger included). CAUTION: A non-protected 18650 could damage your PixelWhip. If you buy extra batteries from another source, make sure they have protected circuits.

For all Li-ion batteries, max capacity gets slightly less each time you recharge. After about 500 recharges (or less), the battery’s run time may be noticeably shorter. This is natural and not covered by our warranty. You can always buy a new replacement battery for max play time. Make sure it is an 18650 protected circuit Li-on battery.


The FiberHead can be easily screwed-on & unscrewed for separate storage, or to install a replacement FiberHead. Buy extras and cut them to different lengths!

See our current FiberHead options:

 Store and transport PixelWhip’s fiberhead in bag (included) to protect from unintentional tangling and damage.

To clean, and help keep the fibers untangled and smoothly flowing, use small amount of silicone personal lubricant on a cloth; starting at the fiberhead, gently wiping down the length of fibers to the tips. 

See our full FiberHead Care Guide here. 

Operating your PixelWhip

PixelWhip 4's modes are organized into 4 different visual styles, each with 10 color patterns, for a total of 40 patterns! 
The single button controls power on/off and selection of color styles and patterns. 


  • Power On: Long-press for 1 second when powered off
  • Change Pattern: Short-press
  • Change Style: Long-press for 1 second
  • Power Off: Long-press for 3 seconds

PixelWhip remembers the last pattern you were on, and resumes the next time you power on!

Color patterns


  1. Red
    Single Color Red


  2. Orange
    Single Color Orange


  3. Yellow
    Single Color Yellow


  4. Green
    Single Color Green


  5. Cyan
    Single Color Cyan


  6. Sky Blue
    Single Color Sky Blue


  7. Blue
    Single Color Blue


  8. Purple
    Single Color Purple


  9. Magenta
    Single Color Magenta


  10. White
    Single Color White



  1. Magenta/Red Wipe
    Color Wipes Magenta-Red


  2. Yellow/Red Wipe
    Color Wipes Yellow-Red


  3. Yellow/Green Wipe
    Color Wipes Yellow-Green


  4. Green/Blue Wipe
    Color Wipes Green-Blue


  5. Cyan/Magenta Wipe
    Color Wipes Cyan-Magenta


  6. White/Blue Wipe
    Color Wipes White-Blue


  7. Blue/Magenta Wipe
    Color Wipes Blue-Magenta


  8. Purple/Yellow Wipe
    Color Wipes Purple-Yellow


  9. Watermelon Wipe


  10. Rainbow Wipe
    Color Wipes Rainbow



  1. Red/White/Blue
    Triple Colors Red-White-Blue


  2. Red/Yellow/White
    Triple Colors Red-Yellow-White


  3. Green/Yellow/Red
    Triple Colors Green-Yellow-Red


  4. Yellow/Green/Blue
    Triple Colors Yellow-Green-Blue


  5. Cyan/Magenta/Yellow
    Triple Colors Cyan-Magenta-Yellow


  6. Blue/Cyan/White
    Triple Colors Blue-Cyan-White


  7. Blue/Yellow/Red
    Triple Colors Blue-Yellow-Red


  8. Purple/Yellow/Purple
    Triple Colors Purple-Yellow-Purple


  9. Watermelon sandwich
    Triple Colors Watermelon sandwich


  10. Red/Green/Blue
    Triple Colors Red-Green-Blue



  1. Independence
    Pulsing Swatches Independence


  2. Firestorm
    Pulsing Swatches Firestorm


  3. Gem
    Pulsing Swatches Gem


  4. Jade
    Pulsing Swatches Jade


  5. Electricity
    Pulsing Swatches Electricity


  6. Blizzard
    Pulsing Swatches Blizzard


  7. Twilight
    Pulsing Swatches Twilight


  8. Raspberry Lime Sherbert
    Pulsing Swatches Raspberry Lime Sherbert


  9. Watermelon pulse
    Pulsing Swatches Watermelon pulse


  10. Rainbow Unicorn
    Pulsing Swatches Rainbow Unicorn



PixelWhips have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Some fiber breakage from normal play is natural over the life of the product and not warrantied. For warranty service please email us at: support@buyfiberflies.com 


Intended for ages 14 and up.
PixelWhip is not a children’s product.
Do not modify this product
Do not use this product for purposes
for which it was not intended.

Fibers can hurt when whipped around at high speed.
Maintain a safe distance around you when using in the presence of others.
Risk of eye injury.
Wear proper eye protection.

A note from the creators of FiberFlies PixelWhip:
Thank you for purchasing PixelWhip from us! We hope the engineering, design and aesthetic of this product brings you many hours of joy!

We value presence on the dance floor, and hope you do too.
While we value independent expression, we value the safety of our community even more. Therefore, we ask you to be Goodwill Ambassadors of FiberFlies; be aware of and conscientious to all the people around you at ALL TIMES.
FiberFlies can hurt others if misused. Please always maintain control over your PixelWhip: this includes educating your friends on how to use them safely, especially in crowds and when the energy is high.

Additional information:
  • Always repair or replace damaged or worn parts before further use.
  • To prevent voiding the warranty and/or compromising safety, performance, durability, and function, we recommend you only use PixelWhip as is. Modify at your own risk; it will void the warranty.
  • Stay alert and use common sense. Do Not use PixelWhip when tired, distracted, or in the presence of fragile or breakable objects.
  • Do not use PixelWhip while impaired. Consult prescription labels to determine if your judgement or reflexes may be impaired by taking a particular drug; if so do not use PixelWhip.