Choosing a FiberHead: A Festival Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for last-minute gift ideas for you and your music festival friends? Want to make sure your favorite fiberoptic whip artist gets a thoughtful, high-quality present that will last them far beyond the holidays? Do you already have a pixelwhip and want to level up your FiberHead set with a new addition?  🎉

🎁 This quick gift guide will help you choose the right combination of FiberHead accessories from our collection to brighten your holiday flow!* 🎁

Get started with these 3 exciting options: 🌈🌈🌈 

🎁 Our replacement head is an all-time favorite

✨If your current pixelwhip FiberHead is getting a little thin after festival season, you might want a new FiberHead-80 for a fuller look.

💫 Check out this video of Peyton with double whips! You can see our regular FiberHead-80 in action above, paired with color-changing pixelwhip flashlights. 💫

✨Some people own 2-3+ whips and use their older FiberHeads to try out new moves with more potential for fiber loss (fibers are like hair and will "shed" or break, especially with more aggressive flow styles). We've also heard an excellent suggestion from FiberFlies enthusiasts who use old heads on a rave light whip "loaner", perfect for those times when strangers ask to try out their pixelwhips at a festival.

✨ Maybe you've found that you like having a braided FiberFlies whip (see the tutorial here). Some people enjoy having a braided FiberHead and a non-braided one, so getting an extra FiberFlies FiberHead will let you switch in the one you want, whenever you want! No more wasting time at music festivals unbraiding or re-braiding your whip for a performance. 🤩


🎁 Our
uncut FiberHead is preferred by DIY-ers for a custom look

Glowing uncut FiberHead with bright points of light
✨ Calling all costume designers, accessory producers, and creatives! This is the option for those of you who want trim your whip the way you want it. This uncut FiberHead has 80 fibers that are all 6 feet long, so you can cut your fibers for a fully customized LED whip head. 

✨ Keeping this FiberHead untrimmed can be perfect for rope dart moves, or if you want a cleaner look with a fluffy end to your pixelwhip. 😍

🎁 Our Mega FiberHead™-160 is a new and exciting option

LED trailshot of our brightest LED whip FiberHead

✨Our long-awaited Mega FiberHead™-160 is preferred by those who want cleaner lines and awesome off-body flow. If you want an LED whip with the most fibers, this is the choice for you!

It even makes your pixelwhip look brighter without having to buy a new flashlight! Keep an eye out for announcements regarding the availability of this FiberHead - last time, the beta version sold out FAST. 😱

🎉Of course, we recommend trying them all
to figure out which ones you love the most! 

FiberFlies Mega FiberHead™-160 on the left compared to the FiberHead-80 on the right

Home testing of FiberFlies MegaHead
™-160 (left) and regular MegaHead-80 (right), using the same flashlight settings.

*Replacement FiberHeads are not sold with the flashlight unit - please see our PixelWhip Rev 4 for a complete gift set that includes our latest pixelwhip, battery, charger, and foam grip!