Mega FiberHead-160 FAQ

❓Is it heavy?

   Since the Mega FiberHead-160™ has twice the number of fibers (160) compared to the classic FiberHead-80™, it is a bit heavier. It’s still fun and easy to flow with, and for most people, it doesn’t take long for them to get used to dancing with more fibers!

   Some have even found that since the fibers stay together more easily, it’s easier to dance with! 


❓Does it tangle easily?

   It depends! Like all FiberHeads™, there’s always a bit of fiber control you will need to do. Some people have actually found that the fibers twist together more easily into a bundle that is easier to flow with.
   A few of people feel that the longer fibers tangle, but braiding takes care of that problem when you’re looking for smooth flow. Regardless of which fiber arrangement you prefer, here are a few things to do that make fiber management easier for your Mega FiberHead-160:

  • You can braid the fibers together
  • Apply silicone lubricant so the fibers glide smoothly and easily
  • If you’re not braiding or twisting the fibers together, comb your fingers through them every so often (if they aren’t braided) as if you’re detangeling a ponytail
  • You can also trim the fibers to whatever length you want to match your flow!

❓How long are the fibers?

   The fibers are cut precisely at a range of lengths so you can get the fullest visual effect! The shortest fiber is 1.5 feet, and the longest is about 6 feet long.


❓How is it different than the normal FiberHead? 

    First of all, the Mega FiberHead-160™ looks a lot brighter since it captures more light from the flashlight! The entire length of the whip is clearly visible, so it’s perfect for grid work and making shapes. Some fiber whip artists say that it’s easier to do rope dart moves with them since they are so much fuller.

 Secondly, it feels different! Since the whip has more mass, we’ve found that it’s easier to perform off-body moves where you loft the fibers into the air and creates a cloud of light to dance with. 

An excited woman holding up a fiberoptic whip, which has brilliant dots of light forming gentle curves towards the ground

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