FiberHead-80 Key Features

FiberHead base

  • Easily removable - aluminum housing screws on & off without any tools.
  • Designed for optimal light transmission:
    • Fiber-plug distance from LED is just right - illuminates all fibers with minimal light loss. 
    • Precision polished base of fibers further eliminates light loss - more LED light goes into the fibers, instead of bounces off a rough surface.
  • Bend guard precision curved surface:
    • The curved surface is harmonized with the fibers' "minimum safe bend radius" - fibers bend smoothly from the base during rough play, helping to minimize kinks & snaps at the base. 
    • The curved bend guard also reflects light with a distinct look, adding detail to the base.
  • Our fiber epoxy forms a very strong bond between fiber bundle & fiber-plug, making it safer to hold the fibers and swing the handle, eg ropedart, poi, "fiber-weilding" style, etc. 

The fibers

  • Well balanced fiber-bundle:
    • Each fiber is 0.75mm thick - the perfect balance between responsive bend and durability. Plays smoother than 1mm thick fibers. 
    • 80 fibers total (+- a few): fiber-bundle looks & feels full while facilitating smooth unencumbered flow.
  • Fibers cut in precision pattern for smooth play & look:
    • Bright end points along the entire length of whip, distributed in a smooth linear gradient - each fiber is approximately 2cm longer than the previous one. 
    • Several max length fibers give fullness & brightness at the very end. 
  • Optimal softness to brittleness ratio - fibers don't snap easily at room temperature (if fibers get cold they get brittle and can snap easier until warm again).
  • We source our fiber directly from the best and oldest POF fiber manufacturer.
  • Fibers come pre-lubed with premium silicone lubricant:
    • Best lube for fibers.
    • Non-reactive to preserve fiber's reflective coating.
    • Hypoallergenic known to be human safe.
PLEASE NOTE: We purposefully DO NOT offer "Side-Sparkle" fiber, because the sparkles are manufactured using a blade to make microslices on the surface of the fibers. Those slices are weak points where the fiber can snap more easily, making side-sparkle fiber less durable during play (you CAN d.i.y. side-sparkle if you want rubbing the fibers with sand - less damaging than razor blading it).