Fiber-Head Key Features

  • precision polished highly efficient optical coupling - placed for optimal capturing of light
  • smooth swivel-head bearing
  • structure of fiber epoxy is very strong
  • .75mm
  • 80 fibers +- a couple
  • precision curved surface as a bend guard - designed to the minimum bend radius if they get smashed flat on a table they curve perfectly along - light reflector at base of fiber (has a distinct look)
  • fibers come pre-lubed with premium silicone lubricant best for fibers and non-reactive with fibers preserving finish and hypoallergenic known to be human
  • cut of fibers: to gradually increasing lengths of approximately +2cm per each fiber - end points along the entire length of whip
  • we get our fiber directly from the best and oldest source fiber manufacturer
  • optimal softness to brittleness rating - don't snap easily at room temperature (if fibers get cold they get brittle and can snap easier)
  • purposefully don't use side sparkle fiber - leaves microslices snaps easier (you CAN d.i.y. side-sparkle if you want with sand - less damaging than razor blading it)


  • Easily Removable