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Our vision has always been to create a product for a seamless experience of self-expression. A flow prop that is so easy to use that it sparks imagination when you pick it up for the first time. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals who want a customized, quality product that inspires people from all walks of life.

💫 Experience the excitement with us and ignite your creativity today! 💫

Pixelwhip 4 

  • Dazzle your friends easily with bold, distinctive light shows
  • Bring out your elegant inner dancer with warm color swirls and sparkling tricolor light trails
  • Be the life of the party all night long with cutting-edge technology fueled by a powerful battery
  • Explore brilliant pulsing patterns, including Rainbow Unicorn and Firestorm
  • Inspire your creative genius with a fiberoptic whip designed by a world-class fire spinner

Color Modes


  1. Red
    Single Color Red
  2. Orange
    Single Color Orange
  3. Yellow
    Single Color Yellow
  4. Green
    Single Color Green
  5. Cyan
    Single Color Cyan
  6. Sky Blue
    Single Color Sky Blue
  7. Blue
    Single Color Blue
  8. Purple
    Single Color Purple
  9. Magenta
    Single Color Magenta
  10. White
    Single Color White


  1. Magenta/Red Wipe
    Color Wipes Magenta-Red
  2. Yellow/Red Wipe
    Color Wipes Yellow-Red
  3. Yellow/Green Wipe
    Color Wipes Yellow-Green
  4. Green/Blue Wipe
    Color Wipes Green-Blue
  5. Cyan/Magenta Wipe
    Color Wipes Cyan-Magenta
  6. White/Blue Wipe
    Color Wipes White-Blue
  7. Blue/Magenta Wipe
    Color Wipes Blue-Magenta
  8. Purple/Yellow Wipe
    Color Wipes Purple-Yellow
  9. Watermelon Wipe
    Color Wipes Watermelon
  10. Rainbow Wipe
    Color Wipes Rainbow


  1. Red/White/Blue
    Triple Colors Red-White-Blue
  2. Red/Yellow/White
    Triple Colors Red-Yellow-White
  3. Green/Yellow/Red
    Triple Colors Green-Yellow-Red
  4. Yellow/Green/Blue
    Triple Colors Yellow-Green-Blue
  5. Cyan/Magenta/Yellow
    Triple Colors Cyan-Magenta-Yellow
  6. Blue/Cyan/White
    Triple Colors Blue-Cyan-White
  7. Blue/Yellow/Red
    Triple Colors Blue-Yellow-Red
  8. Purple/Yellow/Purple
    Triple Colors Purple-Yellow-Purple
  9. Watermelon sandwich
    Triple Colors Watermelon sandwich
  10. Red/Green/Blue
    Triple Colors Red-Green-Blue


  1. Independence
    Pulsing Swatches Independence
  2. Firestorm
    Pulsing Swatches Firestorm
  3. Gem
    Pulsing Swatches Gem
  4. Jade
    Pulsing Swatches Jade
  5. Electricity
    Pulsing Swatches Electricity
  6. Blizzard
    Pulsing Swatches Blizzard
  7. Twilight
    Pulsing Swatches Twilight
  8. Raspberry Lime Sherbert
    Pulsing Swatches Raspberry Lime Sherbert
  9. Watermelon pulse
    Pulsing Swatches Watermelon pulse
  10. Rainbow Unicorn
    Pulsing Swatches Rainbow Unicorn


PixelWhips have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Some fiber breakage from normal play is natural over the life of the product and not warrantied. For warranty service please email us at: support@buyfiberflies.com

PixelWhip have been re-designed from the ground up to be the best fiber whip on the market!  

Improvements made:

    • Improved color pattern organization into styles and new patterns!!
    • PixelWhips remembers what color pattern you were on the next time you turn it on. 
    • Brighter LED. 
    • Single thumb button gives total control. 
    • Improved button design won't get pressed accidentally, yet can easily be felt for and found in the dark. 
    • Improved stability to prevent accidental color changes. 
    • Improved circuit board keeps the fibers at full brightness, rather than dimming during the battery’s entire run-time. 
    • Rechargeable 18650 battery means PixelWhip run-time lasts longer than ever. No more wasteful AAA batteries! 
    • The fiberhead bend guard is improved to offer better protection of the fibers. 
    • Detachable fiberhead allows for easier transport & replacement! 

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