FiberHead-120 fibers (beta) (accessory only)

FiberHead-120 fibers (beta) (accessory only)

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ATTENTION: This item is ONLY the FiberHead-120 accessory. PixelWhip illuminator (flashlight) NOT included!

FiberHead-120 (beta)

You know that feeling when you've fallen in love with the perfect PixelWhip setup? Well, we've listened carefully to your feedback from our FiberHead test run and decided to produce more of this popular beta accessory!

This FiberHead-120 has 120 fibers to help you get the perfect balance between ease of play and brightness. Try different numbers of fibers to see which one is the best for your personal fiber flow style.

Like our standard head, each PMMA fiber is 0.75mm thick. Fibers are mounted in the same precision radial bearing as our standard, for that same smooth 360 swivel flow!

For a complete PixelWhip kit that includes the illuminator (flashlight), charger, and fibers, see PixelWhip 4 with beta FiberHead options.