FiberHead 3-pack (100,110,120 fiber count)(beta)
FiberHead 3-pack (100,110,120 fiber count)(beta)

FiberHead 3-pack (100,110,120 fiber count)(beta)

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Pack of 3 FiberHeads* at a special discount--while supplies last! 

We've launched a new set of FiberHeads with different amounts of fibers (100, 110, and 120 count). Be the first to test and play with these different size FiberHeads. YOUR feedback will help determine which FiberHead gets sold with future PixelWhips!

*We may contact you (by email) for feedback when you purchase this item. 

Try out these different FiberHeads to help you get the perfect balance between ease of play and brightness! See which one is the best for your personal fiber flow style. 

These FiberHeads are just like our standard heads with the same amazing FiberFlies quality! Each PMMA fiber is 0.75mm thick. Fibers are mounted in a precision radial bearing like our standard FiberHead, for the smoothest 360 swivel flow. The only difference is the fiber count of each FiberHead. 

Experiment, have fun, and tell us what amount of fibers you like the best! =)