FiberFlies V2.0 (!FIRE sale!)

$ 64.95 $ 120.00

Sold individually. (If you want a pair, increase your quantity to 2 before checkout) 


FiberFlies create a multi-dimensional light show, sensually snaking and dancing across your body while simultaneously enveloping you in a cloud of playful pixie points of bright light. 

Smooth 360 swivel 

Our fiber-swivel design enables smooth unhindered 360 degree motion of the fibers. Experience less snags! All the different ways you play with FiberFlies flow smoother, plus the fiber-swivel enables a whole new way to play - create swirling helixes of pure galactic magic! 

Better Fibers

Our fibers are just the right thickness - thinner than most for liquid smooth flow, yet still durable. In fact we’ve upgraded to even more durable fibers than before! We also use more fibers than version 1.0, so you get a more substantial feel when playing. 

Brighter lights

More fibers than our older model means more points of light, and thanks to optimized optics, each point is brighter than ever before! 

12 Color Modes

  • Shimmering White (creates an RGB effect when moved) 
  • Primary colors 
    • Pure Red 
    • Pure Green 
    • Pure Blue 
  • Morse code strobe (blinks specific color pairs as dashes & dots)
    • Orange (strobes long Red, short Green) 
    • Turquoise (strobes long Green, short Blue) 
    • Purple (strobes long Blue, short Red) 
  • Steady strobe (strobes specific color pairs all the same length) 
    • Yellow (Green/Red equal dashes)
    • Cyan (Blue/Green equal dashes)
    • Magenta (Red/Blue equal dashes)
  • Auto-change (every second it auto-changes to the next color mode)
  • Rainbow slow fade (Smooth fade through all colors of the rainbow with trails effect)

Other details

Runs on 3 AAAs.
Each FiberFlies unit ships with 3 alkaline batteries included. 
note: You can use rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries with your FiberFlies. However, FiberFlies run slightly brighter on disposable alkaline AAA batteries which have a slightly higher voltage. 

DO NOT use Li-ion AAA batteries! They have 3x the voltage and will destroy the FiberFlies light unit! 


FiberFlies have a Life-time warranty against manufacture defects - we’ve got your back!
Note: some random fiber breakage from vigorous play is natural over the life of the product and not warranted.